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Coopera Recycling Campaign

Feria de Chapultepec, CDMX

The world is changing and is doing in a vertiginous rhythm. It is worth mentioning that our impact on the environment, industry and productive processes, have caused relevant transformations that nowadays make us reevaluate the role we have as a member not only of the industry but also of our society.


In this sense, and convinced of the necessity of having a respectful, responsible and conscient attitude toward the use and disposition of our natural resources; Sociedad Cooperativa Trabajadores de Pascual, in alliance with La Feria de Chapultepec and SIG Combibloc México, developed a Comprehensive Program for the Reintegration of the Multilayer Cardboard Packages of Boing® products to the value chain.


In the frame of the “Coopera Recycling Campaign” 15 containers made of aluminum alloy will be placed inside the facilities of La Feria de Chapultepec on its first stage. The recycle of 7,000 packages of aseptic cardboard was needed for the production of each container, ensuring its correct handling and reintegrating them into the value chain.  This effort is equivalent to an approximated total of 3.1 tons of recycled packages, to recover approximately 2.3 tons of cellulose for the manufacture of paper articles.

Coopera Recycling Campaign

Selva Mágica, Guadalajara

Once gathered, they will be recollected by Alcamare (enterprise dedicated to the recycling of different materials with nationwide presence), for its further processing and reincorporation to the value chain.


It is relevant to highlight that Cooperativa Pascual uses cardboard packages made of aluminum, FSC® certified cardboard (meaning that it comes from responsibly and sustainably managed forests) and polymers. These materials are 100% recyclable.


Through its adequate handling you get:


  • Cellulose: thanks to the high quality of the pure fibers FCD® certified used as a raw material for the production of the multilayer cardboard packages, the cellulose obtained by recycling them can be used for the manufacture of different products such as paper sheets, toilet paper, Kraft paper, napkins, among others.


  • Aluminum alloy: This material made of polymers and aluminum, displays extraordinary qualities such as resistance, impermeability, and durability, making it ideal for the manufacture of a broad range of products; such as benches, colanders, containers, slides, and even houses.


Through this joint effort, SCTP, La Feria de Chapultepec and SIG México aim to contribute in the development of a circular model that promotes the revalorization of materials post-consumption, switching the current conceptualization of “garbage”, for one where residues can be used as raw materials for new products, promoting a culture of pure raw material use reduction and the reuse of materials.


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